Frequently Asked Questions

How to On-Board in Unbiased?

On-boarding can be done by various methods,
Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn, Email, Mobile Number.

Gmail: Signup Unbiased via Gmail and enter details to on-board.

Facebook: Signup Unbiased via Facebook account.Enter details to on- board.

LinkedIn: Signup Unbiased via LinkedIn account. Enter details to on-board.

Email: Enter email and password. Verify the received registration link to login.

Mobile Number: Enter valid mobile number with zip-code. Get OTP and add your basic details to login.

Scatter: Either of your personal EOS account should be present inside scatter which can be used for signup scatter

How to perform the task?

In Home Page you can see list of tasks where you can contribute and perform the task as per instructions. You can also see the demo video before starting any task. Contributed task will be shown in Recent Activity if CONTINUE LATER is clicked while performing the task. You can Resume the task from Recent Activity section before the expiration. Task will be expired based on the given expiry time.

How your task will be approved?

Once task is contributed and performed successfully. Your answers will be sent to your respective Requestor who creates the task.

How your amount gets added in wallet?

Upon Approval by the Requestor/Admin you will be notified via email and rewards will be added to your wallet. Until then your contributed task will be in Pending count.

Why choose unbiased?

Unbiased is innovating to solve many of the current problems in the Artifical Intelligence & Machine Learning industry such as Transparency, Bias and Quality of Training Data. Unbiased Data Marketplace platform will act as a gateway to Data Annotations, knowledge sharing, collaborations & futuristic innovation.

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